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Primitive Stencil DIY!

Make your own primitive stencils to decorate your crafts and home decor. Free graphics to get you started. With a little paint and stencils you can spruce up items you already have and give them a primitive flair.

You will need blank stencil sheets. I purchased these from Walmart in the craft department. (Package of 3, 7 x 10, $3.88)

A stencil paint brush.

You could also use anything that will lay flat. Cardboard from a pop carton, cereal box, paper, etc. Although if you are not good at drawing I would recommend something see through so you can trace an image to cut out.

Masking tape.

Exacto knife.

Paint of your choice.

First draw or trace your image onto the stencil material.

Click here for some free graphics to get you going. You will find a variety of free printables.

Cut out your stencil using an exacto knife, taking care not to cut yourself and to stay in the lines exactly. The more precise you are at cutting out the stencil the clearer your resulting image will be when you use your stencil.

This is what you will end up with when your stencil is all cut out. You can then trim around the outside with scissors to make it easier to tape down onto your project.

To apply your new stencil to a project, lay the stencil on in your desired position.

Tape the stencil to your project with an easily removable tape, I used masking tape and it came off pretty easy.

Using your stencil brush dab it in the paint and then dab onto the paper plate to remove some of the paint. This will prevent it from being blotchy with too much paint.

Dab your brush in an up and down motion to the center of your stencil making sure to cover the entire area.

Let dry before removing your stencil.

Ta Da! You end up with an awesomely stenciled home decor item.

I previously spray painted this magazine rack black.

I hope you enjoy the primitive stencils.

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